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At least I’ve picked my tree. (Free hair, scarf).

The two gifts in this post are a mix of reblog and maybe new(ish)?

A lot of us will recognise the scarf as it has been a Tram gift for several years so chances are you already have it in your invent and if so it’s time to dust it off and keep your AV warm and toasty as its a good now as then and with the hud of different colours/patterns really handy.

As for the hair now! I just don’t know if I did blog it and the reason why is the fit. It’s not a good fit for my head then I realised that the 3 hairs in the pack aren’t 3 different sizes but different styles and in the hud included there is a resizer and now with just a couple of slight tweaks it fits like a dream. It is a Uber gift and is in the box next to the small amount of Tram group gifts.

PS. That Christmas tree is one I’ve had out for quite a few years now and I do believe it was bought from Simply Shelby.