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Going skiing. (Freebie, Marketplace).

Snow is actually forecasted for where I live, let’s hope it’s nothing more than a few sprinkles as my boots are rubbish.

Just a fun outfit from the Marketplace and sorry it doesn’t include the skis I did use my own snow boots, not the ones which are included and since the gloves weren’t bento they had to go as well.

What you can’t see is that the face cover comes with a wintery breath blowing through it and its a pretty good effect. You can mix and match everything and a lot of different sizes so there is a combo for all sexes and shapes.

BTW for some reason the folder sent to me was empty and since I really wanted it I logged back into the Almut Brunswick shop and had it resent and it did turn up.

I’ve had a bit more time so I’ve added the inworld shop LM, don’t think this gift is in the shop and it’s small but if you’re into a proper motorcycling look for both men and women then this is the place to get the outfit from.

Almut Brunswick. (Marketplace).

Almut Brunswick. (Inworld).