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I’m such a loser lol. (Freebies).

I’m struggling, this house or another house..RL problems lol.

Since I can’t make up my tiny little mind which house I’m gonna use I decided to check out a few Advent calendars and of course, S@bbia as it is usually the start of the month that a new freebie is put out but I was a bit early.

I did notice on the wall to your right that after many years a couple of the very old gifts have been replaced with some of the newer/old group gifts.

So you may recognise this little blouse, skirt and shoe set. I’ve managed to take a picture from behind so you can now see the nice bow at the back.

I recognise the first dress but this one? Not too sure if this was ever a group gift so NEW, maybe. A very seasonal knitted dress and scarf. There is one more “newer” gift of a blue dress which is chunky around the shoulders so make sure to keep the scarf as it comes in very handy lol.

So remember NOT the usual gift boards, these are on the wall to your right as you go into the shop.

PS. I may have to grab Faith and get her to choose which house I use lol.