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New & Old, Paid For & Freebie.

I was trying to get into a particular shop and as you can imagine certain shops are heaving so much so that I think a lot of people will just give up. However, for me, it paid off in a way because I went to the Vinyl shop and found this “old” group gift.

So this is a reblog and I don’t know who first blogged it since it comes in a Legacy Perky fit it’s not that old. There are other gifts and I’ve not spotted anything new but what there is definitely quality. Plus the shop was busy so when I log back inworld I may spot a new GG that I missed on my first visit.

I really only wanted a freebie to show off one of my few Black Friday purchases which are of course the “Ghoul” hands I’m wearing. I’ve had the demos of these in my invent for a long time. I don’t know how much they were originally but at 150Lds which is supposed to be 50% off I bought them.

Vinyl. (The LM takes you to the center of the shopping mall)