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I have permission. (Big A** List).

LOL Updated again but totally my fault. Nadja has given me an update as the credit for this spreadsheet is due to Helena Stringer as she created the spreadsheet/organised it etc and Nadja helped out by adding to that list. Kudos to Nadja for pointing out my mistake and not taking all the credit.

As for the actual spreadsheet, click on the green tab and don’t panic about the warnings in the yellow banner that says “This file looks suspicious” it’s just a suggestion because all the links are through well-known and protected sites such as Flickr, Facebook, WordPress etc.

I’m updating this post and I must say I’m gonna have to just stop! So far I have only bought 1 item from the sales but the TEMPTATION! It’s too much, would someone please get me some smelling salts as I’m starting to feel faint with the many amazing discounts and offers from the biggest names in SL.


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Black Friday Sales List. (Green Highlight).