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Wow. (Freebie(s)).

Out of the blue, the grey skies have lightened the rain has finally stopped and now I can see the setting sun in its full orange/yellow glory! What a lovely end to a rather busy day.

OK, enough waxing lyrical let’s talk FREEBIES…and a little moan.

This basic sweatshirt does come in a black option and also a male version. Sadly only one fit, classic, but a pretty forgiving style so worth checking it out as well as the sale going on at this moment.

The other freebie is the tree. The Hayabusa shop gives us so many gifts on such a regular basis I could plant a whole sim with just the freebies. They even come with full huds so you can play with the seasons/wind etc. This one is the newest gift and I think a new design and as you can see they have blended in so many reds/oranges/yellows etc. You may miss this gift as they’re just sent to you but join the group nowand it won’t be that long before the next gift comes winging its way to you.

PS. These gifts are non-copy/trans so you may not need or want a tree but maybe a friend will.

As for the “little moan”. Under the sweatshirt is a demo of a lovely shirt I would love to buy. With a price tag of 300Lds for each shade, I want to try out the shades before I decide which is best for me but sadly nope. So I’m going to have to stick to my golden rule of “no demo, no sale” and that includes the colours. Such a shame as it’s not often an item of clothing that temps me to spend lindens but in the end I’ve been burnt before buying something I regret.

FACS (Facsimile). (Through the door on the wall to your right).