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Meet Joni & Delilah (Not Free & Freebie).

When I first saw a picture of this new Mina hair it made me instantly check my profile picture. I’ve not updated my profile picture deliberately as even though it was taken when mesh heads/bodies and maybe even hands weren’t a thing in SL, because that picture summed up the essence of the RL me. Although you can’t see it I know that this new hair has the same feel/styling to it as this new hair.

Although I am wearing the fringe/bangs in this photo it’s only to show off how good the fringe looks. For me sometimes fringes can look great and sometimes not so great and I’d assumed this heavy fringe would be the “not-so-great version but in this case, it works really well. As almost standard now you get a style hud which allows you to remove the fringe and hair strands and a big fat hud of colours no matter which colour pack you buy.

This is even how I used to style my RL hair on a lazy can’t be bothered day so this hair is just bring back sweet memories for me.

That means the dress is the freebie. I do believe the Mishmash Fushion shop is usually a paid-for group but till the end of the month its free to join, there is a gift for men and a 50% sale,

Mina’s Mainshop. (Demo)

Tannenbaum Holiday Event.(To buy the Mina hair).

Mishmash Fusion.