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Purrrfect Tea Set – New @ The Fiddlers Workshop

tfw kitty 2

So so sooo pleased to finally be able to share with you a new release from The Fiddlers Workshop ! I had to be ever so patient for this item as Id been asking Player Dagostino to make a tea set for simply ages.

Player came up with this little set, a kitty themed delight ❤ We both adore cats in real life and Second Life, so this made my heart smile.

The Fiddlers Workshop Kitty Tea set 3Li NEW!

You get a big bang for your buck prim wise with this – just 3Li and so rich in details. Id asked for a tea set with mugs – no fluffing about with dainty teacups for me, I’m a builders tea kinda girl. I got to see this tea set evolve at every stage, and was chuffed to be asked to test it.

Its now got a place in my home. If you’d like to road test it there is a copy rezzed at Players new inworld store (shhh its not actually open yet but I’m sure he wont mind) Landmark below ❤


100% highly detailed mesh objects and realistically looking textures

Depending on the owner’s rez permissions, a tea cup may be attached or given

Based on the avatar’s size and gender, the cup determines what animation to play

2 versions: one with bento animations and with non-bento ones

Low prim (3 prims at realistic size)

The Fiddlers Workshop market place

The Fiddlers Workshop inworld store

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  1. OooOOooOOoo lovely pics! So pleased you like it! Especially because it was inspired by you lol ❤Thank you so so much for the kind words and… the shop can be considered open now that I loaded all the stuff into the vendor! 😄


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