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Staying home. (S@bbia Freebie).

I decided in the end not to buy that island/cave home as it was just too overpowering. Not that I have much to complain about as I’m loving my little island home.

Freebie is, of course, this S@bbia dress and for once this does come in different fits even though it’s a forgiving style that would fit most shapes.

It has a lovely fine knit texture to it and those folds, wrinkles and big hem it’s just lovely.

I will say that Jury Gothly is so good at these regular group gifts but if you have time then check out the rest of her shop, it has a lot to offer those who just want to look that bit different from the rest. Also for me, I wear her boots/shoes nearly all the time, even now although I cut them out I’m wearing a pair of S@bbia shoes. There is also a couple of Lucky Boards and one of those emm puzzle board prize giver..