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OOTD.(Cheap &/or Free).

The reason I’m wearing the skirt over my “outfit of the day” is that it has a wide brim-like style to it and so flashes everything! Panties are a must, especially if visiting non-adult sims and since I’d already got dressed for hunting freebies I seriously couldn’t be bothered to change my whole look for one photo and then have to change back again.

The skirt is an “MLM” group gift (5Lds joining fee) from Salesita’s Creation shop. There are other patterns for other groups inc free ones I just happened to like this one. I had spotted the matching top, close by, which is a free group gift but made the mistake of thinking that both the skirt and it would come in limited fits so I didn’t bother getting it which was a mistake as they both do come in plenty of mesh fits.

The top I am wearing is one mentioned in yesterday’s “Off-Line” post and it’s the one which when you turn right it’s at the bottom of the stairs, it’s not only classy and elegant it also comes with a big hud of colours and has been previously blogged so you may already have it.

PS. The Salesita’s Creation group does cost but the freebies/cheapies are on the wall to your left.

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