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Pay Attention and you will be rewarded. (Freebies, Freebies & More Freebies).

The hunt at the Off-Line shop is free and these are the prizes.

It’s a spider you’re looking out for and I did find one outside the shop as well as inside.

The Off-Line shop has been blogged before so this wall of group gifts may seem familiar. I will say that I’m pretty sure there are new gifts on that wall or just things I hadn’t spotted previously.

OK, I’ve changed my mind as I wasn’t going to use this photo as the clothing just wouldn’t rezz and I got fed up with waiting but the larger picture is fine and it shows the gift off nicely.

Just to make it a bit confusing, it looks like you can click the individual colours of the outfit and you can’t see them but the bottom two rows are matching over the knee boots but I also clicked the main poster and was sent something so I’m assuming since I’ve not had the time to unpack everything as I had to log off and log into RL.

And if this wasn’t enough, turn right when you go into the shop and at the bottom of the staircase is some make-up and a top which has been blogged and is one of my keepers. So you may already have it but if not then you’re in for a treat.


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