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Ta Da, I’m back. (Freebies, Cheapies & Hunt).

The fence/pose is the freebie.

I’m back from my mini break and raring to go and the second place I visited, the first was of course S@bbia, turned out to be a winner.

A few of us will know this cart sale & hunt event pretty well as it pops up often and generally has a theme and naturally it’s Halloween this year. You will find on most of the stalls a free gift, it’s the log you buy for 0Lds, and a cheapie 10Lds and full-priced decor/clothes.

If you have a few Lindens spare then there are 18 bright orange leaves dotted around the sim. Each leaf costs only 2Lds and for the most part, the contents are going to be a surprise. For once I think I’ve managed to find every leaf and now I’m on my platform and once I click “Publish” I will be unpacking them.

When I have done all of that I will be returning to check out the The Artist Shed shop, they do usually have a hunt or two going on inside, and there may still be the free fun corndog gifts…I will have to see.

So all in all a little bit of everything for everyone.

PS. The Wearable Corn Dogs are still there under the reception table in the The Artish Shed shop, they’re cute.

“Into the woods cart sale”, Hunt & The Artist Shed.