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I paid, you don’t have to. (Freebie(ss) & Fun Landmark).

I can’t remember how much I paid to join the Loki group, I think it was maybe just 50Lds and I’d only joined it at that time to get this “Fluffy Sweater” which I still had in my invent all these years later and its still as cute now as it was then.

I’m actually still in the Loki group which is how I spotted it’s now FREE to join but only for a limited time, I think till the 5th, so make sure to pop in to get this and there are other group gifts.

Also, a random TP a couple of days ago brought me back to this stunning theme park build which I’d assumed had been dismantled a long time ago and I was actually so happy it was still set up for people to come and visit and play.

I think it’s a celebration of Hello Kitty’s 45th birthday? As you can see this is an Astralia shop build and they have had to spend a lot of time, money and imagination as this is a wonderful theme park with lots of fun things to do.

There is a new Halloween fun ride and I did see a hunt, (99Lds each prize). The main theme park does have freebies ie balloons, a cup etc but I didn’t have hands to hold them so I will leave them for you to find.


Hello Kitty Funpark by Astralia.