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First, maybe!(400Lds for 15Lds).

I think I was the first to TP to the Tachinni shop as when the notice I TP’d so fast even I hadn’t rezzed properly and by the time I did I was surrounded by fluffy orange clouds as everyone in the Tachinni group came running.

The Tachinni group only costs a token 15Lds to join as well and I didn’t really need to be in such a rush as it makes a nice change that we have till the 23rd of Oct to spend the credit as well.

I did spot something about a big giveaway but I think that has something to do with Social Media and guess what I don’t do anything, I don’t Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Tiktok so it’s not something I can enter but check that offer out as well.

UPDATE: 34 people on the sim. I’m 99% sure there are group gifts and the fatpacks are on sale!