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No0b! (Freebie(ssss)).

I love Steampunk so I went to the Engine Room Event and found gift after gift after gift which I neatly tucked into a folder to make it easier to find and sort through and that’s when I made a real No0bish mistake and “Add” the WHOLE FOLDER to myself. Considering that one gift is a floating island as you can imagine I looked like a right mess. So I slunk off home and unattached and did a quick scan through and I didn’t see any clothing as yet but I do have to return to check out the rest of the event and grab the last gifts.

I did find this rather excellent “Hopeless Mask” from the Tentacio stall.

A small hud is included and then we have these boots from the Art&Ko stall.

I’d love these in RL.

I’m not going back just for the rest of the freebies as I picked up two demos’ of gowns that I’m being sorely tempted by. The only thing that stopped me from buying one of them straight away wasn’t so much the ouchy price tag was that the stall was still in the “set up” stages plus in the pictures used by the seller there are accessories. So I am going to wait for the stall to be properly set up and see if they’re included in the price or if they’re an additional cost.

Update: OoooOoooOooooo I snuck inworld to get the rest of the gifts and some more demos and then started to unpack and as I’ve said “OoooOoooOooooo” so many nice and quality accessories/decor…that’s it as I really do have to log off now but I can’t wait to unpack the rest tomorrow and check out the shops they came from.

The Engine Room Event.