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I can’t show you much. (500Lds Gift Card for 30Lds & Free make-up.)

These two items come from two different shops and I thought I’d just clump them together as I can really only show you point-and-click photos.

First the gift card. As you can imagine for only the 30Lds joining fee you not only get loads of group gift shoes but a generous gift card. I’ve not checked to see if it’s trans yet but I will as soon as I can because even though I don’t need it I’m sure I can pass it on.

It’s very busy on the small platform that has the two small Stephanie L shops so I’d just grab the gift card and then return when it’s quietened down and you have more ease of movement to grab all the group gifts and spend the gift card.

The reason I don’t do make-up mush is that we all wear so many different mesh heads/appliers etc and since this one is just for the EvoX-enabled noggins then not everyone can wear it (I can).

I just couldn’t resist showing this to you as those colours are just so juicy. So if you do/can wear LOL EvoX then check them out.

UPDATE: As I’ve had the time to check and yes the Stephane L gift card is TRANS! So a sweet gift for someone if you yourself don’t need it. It’s the usual case of rezz it then take it back into your invent and it changes into a trans gift.

Stephanie L.