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Kawaii Decor. (Freebies(sss)).

I found in a folder a whole load of cute decor. I have no idea of how long I’ve had these but I am 100% sure I’ve not shown you them before.

In this picture, there are 3 separate items, the kitchen, cake cabinet and picnic blanket/set.

I’ve taken the pictures with no editing so you can see how pretty they are.

Just look at the detailing on this cookbook. This one on the stand is only 2prims the rezzable one is 1 prim and you also get a wearable version.

I’m glad I checked as it turns out that there is there an inworld shop and unlike the marketplace shop it’s all free inworld and 1Ld on the marketplace.

Oops forgot to say that there is a whole wall of stuff for you, big and small things.

PPM (Poyun).