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Cheap enough for me. (49Lds Low Prim Pumpkin Plants).

My RL garden is a bit like my SL one in that I’ve allowed a plant, in my case Nasturtiums, to run wild and it looks fab. So it’s not surprising I love these rambling Pumpkin plants for my SL garden.

You get three versions, plain, with yellow flowers and with pumpkins and each plant is only 1prim.

I’ve had these pumpkins a couple of years maybe, they’re one of those random finds because the “Reinas Little Shop only has a small greenhouse of plants while its bigger shop has some very adult toys. These do come with a price tag but only 49Lds and again for the quality and low prim so an ideal seasonal landscape plant.

The plants are not in the shop, turn around and you will see a small greenhouse with a small selection of plants and you will see this pumpkin for yourself.

The shop shares the same platform as the Leonas shop and there is a dollarbie of some metal staging/platform. If you want to wait then you can join the free group as there is a lucky chair prize of 50lds worth of shop credit.

PS…Cooee that’s me standing off in the distance and it looks like I’m looking at my hand.

Reinas Little Shop.

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