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My treat, not free.

I knew there was a Valentina E sale but it isn’t in the main shop and I just didn’t have the right LM so it was lucky that Faith did a post and I could get the right LM.

Unlike her, I showed great restraint and this is the only outfit I did buy.

Then I reminded Faith about the Tromphe Loeil Superfan offers, 50Lds each, and this week it’s a very tempting Lighthouse/house and this boat.

I wasn’t going to buy this as I have quite a few boats but Faith knows my weakness for them and she surprised me with it as a gift, sent through the gifting option as it’s not trans. This boat is now added to the three I already have moored around my small island house.

The reason I love this one is it’s already prepped for escaping. You have the suitcases on the back, a pile of books, a bottle of wine and a throw. The light on the prow can be turned on or off.

It is 20prims which when you consider the details it’s worth it, some decent useable poses. Singles and couples but no naughty ones!

Faiths Post.

Valentina E.

Tromphe Loeil.