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Stay with me. (Freebie & Super Cheap Rental).

First the freebie and guess what? It’s a S@bbia. New out today and I know that as I check every day for a new gift. Some lovely detail on that top with really nice tie details at the back. A perfect Autumn dress.

A short while ago I was at an event, I think it’s the “We Love RP” and if you’ve ever been there you may have noticed that there are a lot of posters/ads for RP sims and just out of boredom I clicked on the one for the “B&L Residence office.

This took me to a pretty standard rental office with a lot of boards/TPs for a mix of sky and land-based homes. Normally as soon as I see the word “Multi scene” I TP straight out of there but this time I didn’t and I was blown away with the quality of the homes and scenes.

You get a massive 102 build options which come in such an easy rezzer board. You can even join the group from the rezzer board so you don’t have to wait for a landlord to respond. You can also set the security so no “Free Sh*ggers” as Faith and I used to call them lol.

There is everything from a campground to beaches, huts, loft apartments, cottages, gardens, skybox, BDSM, pool, rain, snow or a Christmas home. When you get bored just click the board and change your way of living.

They come fully furnished/landscaped so the 35prim allowance is still pretty reasonable for just personal stuff.

Lots of the builds and decor are from some of the biggest SL shops so you may just recognise the builds I’m showing you. Yes there are a lot of builds/designs that won’t suit you but you too will have so much fun rezzing them all. I’ve actually rented for 2 weeks and I’ve just extended it for another 2 weeks just to have a bit of a different background for a change.

I will also say that someone has paid attention to the details, so much so that the builds that come with rain or snowing options in this case they don’t encroach inside the home itself.

The B&L Residence office is a visually busy office but it’s easy to see the rentals and if you do need more prims then you can pay a bit more.


B&L Residence.

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