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Home Sweet Home. (Freebie ‘n’ Cheapie).

Our sim was down for what seemed to be an eternity which was a bit frustrating as I had these two items waiting to be photographed. As you can see our sim is back up and running and here is the first item which is the “cheapie” as at only 60Lds and 2 prims I consider it cheap and low primmed.

I dot gruesome things around my “perfect” SL life/home as it’s a reminder that I’m a little bit twisted.

That means this light/lamp is the freebie and it’s one of a few in the Madras shop. I believe it’s only 2 prims and comes with a lovely hud of colours.

Looks like you can only get the group gifts once as I couldn’t get the other gifts since I’ve already had them and probable still have them in my invent as all the …gifts are quality. In fact, if I type in the Madras shop name in my invent I’m surprised at how much of this brand I own!

As it may be hard to find if the LM doesn’t take you to where the skulls are then turn around and head to the back of the outdoor area and on the back of the stand with the Tepee is where the skulls are and the group gifts are on the wall at the other end just before you get to the main doors…really easy to find when you know where to look.