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Why? (50Ld Offer & Mention of Freebies). UPDATE: Go…NOW!

I have TOO many homes of all styles, from penthouses in the sky to gipsy caravans and yet I had to buy this one from Trompe Loeil shop because at only 50Lds how could I not!

Only 95 prims so it was safe to slap it down on my field zoom back and take a snap and this is how it looks exactly as it comes.

Drat I’ve lost a couple of the pictures I took so here is a bit more detail, you get 2 fireplaces, a built-in cupboard, a backdoor and finally steps up to a very generous sized balcony bedroom area.

It’s a big house, even the balcony area is big enough for a bedroom, bath and lounging area.

Lots of windows and a click make them opaque from the inside and on the outside, it looks like shutters have been pulled shut.

I do believe you have to be in the free group to get it at this price, it’s right at the front door of the main shop, on the right pillar and on the left pillar is I do believe a FLF offer.

PS. There are freebies inside, they have been blogged before but I may just show you the lamps again. To find them and the other gifts go inside, and they’re on the left.

As I was mooching around SL a notice came through from the Trompe Loeil (free) “superfans” group that these are regular/weekly discounted items which is the first I’ve heard of it. So I’m staying in the group as I can’t wait to see what the next discounted items are. If you want this house (Knoxland Cottage) I think today is it’s last day so goooo now.

Trompe Loeil.