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I’m pooped. (Freebie).

A nice gift from the Bombshell shop.

This gift is on the front of the reception desk, I did notice that its the group invite poster you click to both join and get the gift. The actual poster of this sexy bather doesn’t give you the gift…it took a lot of clicks to work that one out. A decent amount of fits and a colour hud are inc. It also gave me a chance to wear one of Mina’s hat/hairs as well.

I have a feeling from the Teleporthub group that there may be older group gifts out but in all honestly, I’m knackered! It’s just turning 11am and after a miserable sweaty no quality night’s sleep, I need a cat nap! So when I log back inworld I will return to the Bombshell shop as I would hate to miss any other freebies.