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I’m sorry, it’s another cheeky MP offer. (5Ld Top).

I really wasn’t going to do another Marketplace offer today at least but I have a problem in that when I find something great I have zero patience and I want to show it to you straight away so instead of saving this for a post tomorrow here it is.

A simple strapped top and yet look at the oh-so cheeky lace insert which hides nothing. There is a black version and both are a non-cheeky 5Lds.

There are some other 5Lds offers and you may recognise the “Zoi, Overalls” as I have blogged them previously. I’m not 100% sure but I do believe the Flirt Group isn’t free…and since I’m not sure I’m going to give you the inworld link so you can check it out for yourself because I ain’t moving from where I took this photo. Faith has nicely landscaped her half on the field my half on the other hand is rezzed random junk and even worse basic building prims! So it’s time I got my act together and landscaped my half. A nice way to spend a lazy sunday afternoon.

Flirt. (Marketplace).

Flirt. (Inworld).