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Don’t tell me it’s over!!!! (Freebie(s)).

A couple days ago someone said to me that now we had had the longest day of the year it’s the start of the end of summer and I screeched NO!!!! I’ve not even popped the cap on my suncream! Yet sadly as I’m sat here in RL in a woolly sweater I have to agree.

I tell you this I’m not giving up hope as we should have some more hot days and when that happens I’m making no excuses and will throw some things into a bag and spend a day sitting on a beach navel-gazing my day away.

OK, Enough waffle as it’s Freebie time. I have struggled to find a decent freebie so although Faith likes to do B.D.R (Beautiful Dirty Rich) I thought “sod it” and went and found a new freebie. It’s the sweater, really good quality, excellent texturing and a whole palette of shades from pastels to darks.

The shorts are also a freebie from B.D.R and come with a top. Since I suspect Faith did a post on that freebie I won’t show you it all.

B.D.R. (Beautiful Dirty Rich).