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Try, try and try again. (Freebie & Cheapie).

The Flamingo shop has a sale going on. Not everything is on sale but it is easy to spot which items are on special offer and that includes this “Business Blazer” jacket.

Costs 25Lds but ONLY this yellow and the white jacket are on offer, the others are full-priced, 238Lds, so be careful where you click.

It’s not really what I wanted, I wanted the cute/sexy mesh panties and bra set for only 45Lds sadly a quick try of the demo showed that even though the Legacy fit was good it wasn’t as good for my Perkies.

I spent so much time walking around the whole shop checking out the sale and trying on the demos and I ended up running out of time to check out the other shop on the shared platform….that’s gonna be my next visit.

BTW Three very nice group gifts, 100Lds to join.

I don’t think I showed you this freebie from the Queenz shop? I do remember doing a post not too long ago as there is a whole wall of group gifts, inc this one, and it was the newest ones I showed you. Anyhow it made a layer to go under this jacket.