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Pondering. (Belle Epoque Group Credit).

500Lds worth of shop Belle Epoque shop credit for only 10Ld! It’s a no-brainer the only struggle is what to buy! I’m going to have to work my way through all my Belle Epoque clothing so I don’t end up buying copies.

There is also a new group gift as well and I will be honest I wasn’t keen on any of the prints so I’m nekkid until I make my mind up about what I’m going to buy.

PS. Double-check but I’m pretty sure we have till the 15th, just check the big notice board in the shop.

UPDATE: Yup we have till the 15th to collect and the 16th to spend. I also spotted in the notice that from that date it looks like the Belle Epoque group goes up to 50Lds. Considering the quality and frequency of the group gifts…a bargain.

Belle Epoque.