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“I’m in a forest beside a carpet of bluebells.” Free Outfit & Hunt.

Imp has found me a nice hunt at one of my fav garden shops, Two Moon Gardens (TMG). This shop has all the landscaping you will need but it’s the premade scenes/homes that really stand out! You have everything from a small glade to a massive house/garden even farms with livestock and everything is in a foolproof rezzer.

Once rezzed you can play away with the scene, change, copy, move and delete. I’ve spent a lot of time playing with the scenes that I have either won or bought over the years.

I don’t know what the hunt prizes are so I’m in for a nice surprise. The LM will take you to the new landing area and there is where you will find various lucky boards, group gifts, discounts as well as a board for this hunt if you click on it you get the LM and hints you will need.

I will admit I’ve spotted a brand new build which I’m just gonna have to check out!

I can’t go without doing free clothes though.

Juli’s shop has a massive wall of freebies on the wall behind the desk and it’s not even clear that they were actually free till you look closely. A lot of them are “classic” SL, no shame in that, and I did spot new designs so I picked a couple of those up. The reason I chose to reblog this outfit is that it’s more than just a plain beige.

The dots on the dress and shoes sparkle. Pretty noticeably as well, not so much that you’re blinding people but definitely makes you stand out.

Two Moon Gardens. (TMG).

Juli’s Fashion.