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Yasum – Free & Discounted

$50L Yasum Dress & Hud

It was a while ago that I scoped out the Yasum store and found a fab discounted section and a ton of group gifts. Before I get going on the deets – the store teleporter system is a little different then most stores – you’ll see a glowing ring in the corner – just walk too it and a board will pop up with store sections to go too – simple ! The dress above is from the discount section, $50L for a fat pack.

Yasum Hud

I went for the colour pop pack and as you can see you get plenty of options for each part of the dress. Love the beading choices for the hem. There are sheer panels at the sides and plenty of options for the rest. Nice.

Top & Pants group gift @ Yasum

In the discount section you will also find a couple of boards with group gifts – guys & females. This bright aqua top & pants is just one of them. Honourable mention to the Maitreya tattoo -its deeelicous ❤