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What’s better than a doughnut? (Freebies).

Two doughnuts of course.

The doughnuts are not the freebie it’s really these excellent clothes.

I did think that all I was going to find in the Klubb shop was “wearables” as the Lucky Boards are just full of glasses so I was happy when I spotted that there are four group gifts and two of them are these outfits.

Both of these outfits come as separates and have really nice/decent sized huds.

BTW You do know that if you have a hud that changes both the top and bottom the same colour but you would like to have them different shades, just wear the item you want select the colour then take it back into your invent then put on the other item chose the colour you want for that and then just wear the top out of your invent and voila, two different shades….does that seem clear?

PS. If you do like wearables such as glasses then there really are some nice ones in the Lucky Boards and on my return to LM grab I won a pair so I’m looking forward to trying them out later.