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Time to bag it. (Freebie & Reblog).

I’ve had this bag in my invent for too long so it’s time to blog it.

It’s a gift from the Blanche shop and I remember the shop well as outside is a really nice Venice/canal theme going on. As for the bag, you get two colour options red and pink and two wearing poses. Next to this is a funny gift of an egg on toast mouthie. Pretty cute but as you all know I’m not big into wearables. Some very nice bags in this shop and some outfits really do look better accessorised

PS. These are free but you will have to pay 1Ld which is returned to you.

Obviously, the reblog is the top. I like to team up free with free sometimes though I don’t have enough time to hunt down a new freebie top or dress so I will dust off an old one and in this case it was easy as this top from Smesh is a keeper I’ve had for a while. dusted off this one from the Smesh shop. The group gifts are on the wall behind the desk and at the bottom of the stairs is more gifts for different free groups…thinking about it I’m pretty sure this top is one from the bottom of the stairs. Pretty easy to find them all.