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Here’s Holly. (50Ld Mina Hair & 10Ld Offers).

I know Holly is one of Mina’s newer hairs because of the fineness of the strands and the addition of the new colours in the palettes. So to see this plaited hair for only 75Lds is a bargain not to be missed.

Here is a sign of approval, Faith has also bought this hair!

Sorry I can’t tell you anything about the outfit, I do know it cost me 10Lds and came from an event but RL has gone a bit haywire so I’m doing this quick post as I’d hate for you to miss this really excellent hair.

UPDATE: The outfit is from the “StaySexy” Event. As mentioned it did cost 10Lds and I ain’t mad at it. Lots of other 10Ld gifts which you can see a picture of before you buy. This event is over tomorrow so don’t delay.

Mina’s Mainshop.

Stay Sexy Event.