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Time to waste? (Freebie(s),Lucky Board & Spendy Hair).

I went over to Seniha Originals to see if there was a new group gift and there isn’t a new group gift so here is an old group gift.

I chose this floor-length “Vavavoom” dress as it matches my new (spendy) hair but more about that at the end. I spotted that in the room directly above the group gift room are some Lucky Boards and look what I scored.

This fab shirt dress comes in two textures, a lightly striped one and a plain one.

All the prizes are worth loitering for and I do believe the waiting time is 5 minutes. Sadly while I worked my way through my notes/notices my initial didn’t come up again but I did notice that numbers are as frequent as initials so if you or a friend has a name that starts with a number this is the place to loiter. And don’t forget the Group Gifts as they’re excellent.

Now for the hair which is shockingly not a Mina. I think I’ve mentioned that I’ve been looking for a particularly styled hair and this is it. It’s called Bunny and those big fat retro face-framing waves are just perfect. I found it in the Truth shop and for a decent-sized hud and more importantly for me a style hud I thought this was more than reasonable at 300Lds. This is a BIG hair and when the hair is worn down the front it’s a lot of hair but when it’s worn down the back it gives me the perfect look that I’ve been hunting for.

Having trawled a lot of hair shops recently it’s given me an opportunity to price check and yup as the quality of hair has gone up so has the price tag in most if not all shops. I have always said that when it comes to skin and hair they’re the things worth paying for….unless we’re lucky and a hair/skin shop has a weekend offer out which is just what I’m going to check out next.

PS. The backdrop isn’t a cry for help lol.

Seniha Originals.