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Going through the motions. (Freebie).

OH, what a week! That’s enough moaning lol. There is a new gift out a S@bbia which has cheered me up.

It’s a cut-out mesh look with the usual quality details just as the zip on the heel.

There is another gift which I have blogged but just in case you missed it, it’s a dress with a zippered hoodie under it.

Can I just say have a good look around the shop especially the shoe/boot department. They all seem to be priced between 140-180Ld and everything comes with a hud of colours. She, Jury Gothly, has for me just the best range of “goto” boots/shoes. They can be teamed up with so much in my invent I really could and should bin every non S@bbia boot/shoe as I rarely change.

I’m now retreating to Faith’s platform and working my way through a whole load of poses that either need to be used or binned.