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Fake it till you make it. (Freebie).

As I was trying to think of what backdrop to use I came across this aeroplane one which reminds me of the fake ones that Instagrammers/influencers use. Since I couldn’t think of anything better I just pulled a pose and here are the details.

The top is a freebie from the C!L Boutique shop but is for one of the BIG Freebie groups. I think the LM will take you near to them but it’s not a big shop so if it doesn’t then just look for the wall with “Events” on it.

Lots of fits and nice sheer sleeves but have you spotted them? Yeah, SCRUNCHIES. Can’t remember the last time I wore one in RL. I didn’t have to edit the wrist one and the hair one was easy to edit into place.

PS. That overlay is the first time I’ve been able to use it and thats only because it’s almost a perfect match to the pattern on the top.

C!L Boutique.