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When I save a picture I label it and don’t laugh but I accidentally labelled this dress as “oooo” as that’s what I was thinking as I took the picture.

I started to work my way through the 25Ld Tue Hud and TP’d over to the Lorien shop to try out the poses. I could see some group gifts on the wall to the left of the shop which are very RP/Rustic and if it wasn’t because I was headed up the stairs that I spotted this dress and another really good group gift on the wall next to the desk.

Sadly only two fits but a forgiving style so costs you nothing to try it out. The colour has changed a bit in editing but not much.

This outfit screams out for gold accessories and make-up but all I have is this next gift of wearable glasses case…they are gold-framed.

The glasses come from the Horl shop and it’s a Mesh Body Friends gift. There are other gifts from free groups inc an outfit but as a “speccy four eyes” the glasses were the only thing I had my eye on…geddit?

I’ve had a sh*te day of “adulting so it’s really nice to end the day with a great freebie.