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I’m Confused ?


I’ve been to a few events over the last couple of days – I tend to do them all actually. However I noticed something with the ones that are “Anniversary” rounds. NO free gifts to celebrate – instead there are discounted items costing from $50-$75L . Don’t get me wrong I don’t expect free gifts, and I do understand that the economic climate is pretty bad and everyone has a living to make right? however I’ve found so many new designers from gifts I’ve collected at events – shame to go this way.

If I’m expected to part with my cash there are a couple of things I expect to see.

  1. A demo – don’t buy anything without one – if the weekly sales give a demo why not at these events? Paid for hunts give a board showcasing the prizes to be found.
  2. At the very least a photo on the box showing what I’m being expected to buy. Some do and quite a few do not – would you buy something for $50L and not even know what’s inside


12 thoughts on “I’m Confused ?”

  1. I absolutely agree. I don’t spend money on anything without a demo, even if it’s a group membership that promises a free gift.


  2. Yes, I totally agree. If there isn’t a pic I just pass without even considering on purchasing it. If there’s a pic but no demo, especially for footwear (I have a mesh body that doesn’t agree with a lot of the “normal” mesh body footwear) it’s another pass for me.


    1. Yes – Ive got a pretty bog standard AV but even so some brands version of my “standard” av doesnt work well !


  3. I feel the same way i get that were all having a hard time money wise but for pity sakes if you give a great gift chances are more folks are gonna go to your store and buy and considering some of the prices things are anymore I am not going to pay for something i can’t try on or know what im getting so your not alone

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    1. Thank you ! I thought I might get a lot of negativity for voicing my thoughts – I’ve always appreciated gifts in whatever form and it does make me visit the designers store if I’ve liked the gift.


      1. I agree with you there too, free gifts are many times what has gotten me interested in a store or let me find out it a store that’s not my cup of tea without losing any Ls which is just as valuable. Thank you, designers! Also, the same goes for sale items, if a store I fancy is on the sale list I am gonna head over and many times buy. I do want to say I appreciate all the designer’s generosity over the many years I have been around.

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  4. I agree completely no pic no demo no buy. As for gifts, always nice, this lets me try brands that I was unaware of, brands that are new, blogging them is fun for us and might bring new awareness to their brands.


    1. Agreed – quite a few designers I wouldn’t have found were it not for a gift and yes – lots of fun blogging them too of course!

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