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Perfect View

Magic Window with 3D View & Hud

Ok I’ll admit defeat – I just cant show you in a photo how amazing this window is – that’s why its called the “Magic Window” ! This is a new release from [WarHorse]. The window is actually 3D, well the view is . Unlike most faux views this has depth and you can look into the view and around the view – how cool is that!

Magic Window Hud

I’ve got two of these, one with a summer view, one with a winter view – but now you can have the choice of many views via a neat Hud ! The whole item is only 4Li – I usually remove the hanging bar to reduce the land impact further. I’ve used these windows to give a view where there is none – in my sky box for example, on bare walls instead of a flat framed print – don’t forget you need to be in higher graphics to get the effect. While you’re there join the group and snaffle up the two gifts !

Thanks Mr Wardark ❤