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When and When! (Dollarbiesssssss).

I’m pretty sure the Pink Cream Pie group came with a big price tag but at this moment it’s only 1Ld. I have checked the notices to see if there is a mention of how long this low price is for but I can’t see a cut off date so go and join now.

This dress is the first group gift of the year but this, by all means, is not the only gift.

Read on for more info.

Upstairs is where you find the group gifts both old and new. Also, the Lucky Boards have been updated with some quality gifts, well worth waiting for and they have a quick turn-over time and when a prize is claimed the gift changes. In the short time I was there I won 3 very “keepable” items.

Downstairs to your left is a wall of weekend/special offers and if you check the “Linden 1 Hour” sub-board there is a nice cropped top BUT I also notice under it was one of the Pink Cream Pie Plushies and I clicked it and scored even more shop credit.

BTW I thought I’d just mention it that the dress I’m wearing comes as separates so you get the cropped top and a dress which can be worn on it’s own.

Pink Cream Pie.