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Spend some time. (Freebie).

I used this pose a few posts ago and I didn’t expect to have to use it again so soon.

This dress is a gift from Mow and it has been designed to drape around the boobies in a sexy/flashy way. A 10 colour hud of some very pretty colours.

AH, when I logged back in to LM grab I remember some more details. I’d gone to the WIP Event and then started to check out the rest of the shopping sim as this is a classy shopping centre. I can’t remember finding many freebies although I think there is a winter sale going on in many of the shops and maybe I should spend more time looking around. That’s how I ended up in the Mow shop but it’s not a Mow group gift, I think that’s 50Lds to join. This is one of the big free groups which I do keep joining then leaving as it is an excellent group but also a very busy group. To find this as you enter the Mow shop turn right and this is on a wall separate but close by to the Mow group gifts.