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Time to move. (Freebie & Mention of Freebie).

I’m not really moving my SL home but some of you may remember that not too long ago I upgraded to premium, just to give it a try, and of course one of the benefits of a premium account is you get a home and this is my home.

I think I’ve struck lucky with the location for sure. Since I won’t actually be moving in I think when I have the time I will decorate and then set to the door to allow anyone in and see if I can set up a sign or something to say all are welcome. I may even rummage in my invent to see if there are any items of furniture that have an adult menu.

Now for the freebie.

This oversized hoodie is a “classic” so I wasn’t sure if I had blogged it but as it’s an Arti’s Fashion Christmas gift I may have blogged something similar but not this. It’s quality as well, I love the colour and it comes in a LOT of mesh fits.

As for the mention of freebies. When I was looking for hair to compliment the hoodie I found this old beanie from Dura and sorry it’s not a gift anymore which is such a shame considering it’s from 2015 it has stood the test of time. There are 3 gifts in the Dura shop and I do remember showing you one of them. There was also a hair piece pack, just fringes, for adding to hats/hoods that you may have and want to have some hair peeking out.

Arti’s Fashion.