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Let me explain. (Freebie Lelutka EvoX Skin (head only).

Sorry I’ve been so lapsed in finding freebies. I finally decided I had to get my head around Bom and the Kaya Evo X Mesh head from Lelutka. I’ve watched so many tutorials on youtube and they just seem to open the box put the head on and tweak a little bit and voila they’re gorgeous. I put a mesh head on and look either like a potato or someone who has lost a fight with a baseball bat! Even using the inc body shapes they just make it worse…..anyhow I put in the work with a lot of tweaking and finally got what I think is a perfect mesh head shape for me. The next amount of time-wasting was the hunt for a skin because we all know that the head shape is the bare bones and once you dress it up with skin it can make all the difference for good or bad. So I went from skin shop to skin shop trying on so many demo’s as for once my beloved brand of Pumec just didn’t look as good as I would have expected. I’ve finally found the perfect skin and it’s from the YS&YS (your shape your style) shop. Comes with a price tag of course but worth it…oh and yes it’s the “demo” body skin with freckles that I’m wearing in this picture.

So I’d fully intended on buying it when I first logged in only to find that Boataom has a fantastic free Lelutka EvoX skin for us. That means just the head of course.

It goes without saying that you will NOT look like I do in this picture! Not only have I tweaked my mesh head to suit my taste but the photo has been edited etc. However, this is a QUALITY fatpack of head skin and if you like me have a Lelutka EvoX head go get it now as I don’t know how much longer it will be a free group.

PS. I’m still buying the YS&YS skin for head/body and then the freckles from Izzies and then PACKING IT ALL AWAY!!! I’m going back to my original Lelutka and Pumec body lol. I’m just happier with my “old” look and at least I know I have the updated stuff tucked away so I can ease myself into the change when I’m ready which may be tomorrow, next week or never but will have to see.


3 thoughts on “Let me explain. (Freebie Lelutka EvoX Skin (head only).”

  1. I love the new look you! I know you’re most probably sitting there going “suuuuure you do, you don’t even really know me” to which you’re right, I don’t know you. But, I have read your blog posts for years (literally) and just now I looked at your new face and went and looked at your regular face (typing that just seems wrong on so many levels) and honestly, I think you did an amazing job. They look so very similar.

    I say this from the heart because I’ve refused to use a mesh head since they first came out. I just could never seem to get them to look like “me” no matter how much time I spent playing with the sliders. When I picked up the free Kaya head (and yes, I only got it because it was free, not because I really wanted a mesh head) I didn’t think I’d use it. I just thought I’d save it for when I really had to change, I’m awful at change.

    Like you, I waited until after all the Christmas/New Year crazy (Happy New Year to you btw) before I opened the box. I have to tell you this:- I felt compelled to reply to your post because of the following “I’ve watched so many tutorials on youtube and they just seem to open the box put the head on and tweak a little bit and voila they’re gorgeous.” I did exactly the same thing and ended up having the same response you did. Put it on and sat here instantly thinking….yeah….no… no no no no. And it took me close to a week to get it where it is now and I can finally say I am in with the Mesh Head Crowd. I love my mesh head. I love how easy it is to change things and how smooth the face looks and how wonderfully adorable the eyes are and the way in which I can get the face to animate into my normal RL resting you know what face, where I’m not actually peeved off but that’s how I honestly look RL and get made fun of all the time by my friends and family.

    Anyway…..I just wanted to say thank you for your post. I thought it was just me that couldn’t seem to get these heads to work perfectly like they do for everyone else that youtubes how easy they are to just unpack and put on and wham bam you’re beautiful.

    I love how you got it to look and I think you look adorable ♥


    1. I should NOT have read this last thing at night as all I could think of as I was trying to sleep was your kind words. Yeah we have to relate to our AV’s and it doesn’t matter how similar or different they are to our RL there just has to be something that makes us go…yeah, that works and it doesn’t matter what shape, sex, skin, furrie etc you choose to be it’s OUR second life. A place to just escape RL for a little while.

      OH Lord me too, it’s got nothing to do with the money but I too take my time to change. I’ve just remembered as my old system shape had been tweaked to perfection but Oh Lord do you remember the system hands! In the end because I got sick of trying to hide my hands in photos plus it was getting harder to find good system shoes I made the change. It’s the same when going from SLink to Legacy Perky, I had the Perky for a long time before I made the change (still have the neck issues but I angle my head to hide it lol). Yeah I have to admit that now I too managed to spend some quality time to sort out the mesh head I think I will change to it sooner esp as it does have much better AO’s to it. I often have a slapped arse or frozen look and although the Lelutka does have facial expressions they’re not as good as the new ones. So say goodbye to arse face and hello to smilie lol.

      Thanks again for being a long timer. Sorry about my repeatting of words lol I do try but by the time I’ve hunted a freebie I just wanna smack out a post and then move onto the next freebie.

      Lets hope for a better 2022 cos the past couple of years have been shite lol.

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      1. You had me sitting here roaring with laughter at your explanation of a slapped arse face! LOL. I don’t think I’ll ever forget system hands or feet. They were the only reason why I went to a mesh body. I think I took a ton of pictures of my SL feet and hands when I got my first mesh body, considering I’m only onto my second mesh body (yep, it’s that stubborn me refusing to change often….lol) I do not miss system feet, hands or even the shoes attached to fake feet. I really do not miss pre windlight days with the classic clouds -barfs- LOL I’m so glad things have progressed forward even if I’m so stubborn and refuse to change some things (still using my second skin I’ve ever owned…)
        Hope you get some sleep tonight!

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