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Brainwave. (Freebie).

I will say that in my inworld attempts to find a freebie I visited a lot of shops I’ve not been to for a while so that was fun but sadly not too productive for freebies and then I remembered it had been a while since I’d last checked my “received” folder and among all the stuff I’ve randomly picked up from the marketplace is this beauty.

This top and skirt set has a surprisingly good shine to it, so much so I TP’d to a few different sims to see if the windlight was the reason and nope it’s shiny like Christmas wrapping paper.

BTW Don’t dismiss it because it’s very Christmassy red, team that skirt up with a lovely brown jumper and the top with some good basic jeans which calms down that wrapping paper look but peps up a plain look as know what I mean lol.

This came off the Beauty Factory Marketplace shop and I know there is an inworld shop as I’ve logged out leaving my AV stood there so when I get time to log back inworld I can check it out.

Beauty Factory. (Marketplace).