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House Cleaning. (Freebie(ss)).

I used to watch that hoarder shows where the hoarder would hold a single item and debate for ages as to whether they should keep it or bin it and I’m exactly like that with SL shoes and homes. So far today I’ve binned about three houses out of the hundreds I own and it just took a ridiculous amount of time to make my mind up.

So say goodbye to the house in the background as it’s now gone and say hello to this top.

This grey/blue top is lovely, the cups have a slight drape to them. It’s pretty unique for a freebie but then it does come from the Smesh shop.

There are other group gifts and I do recognise a couple of them from previous posts, and they still look great, so some nice stuff is to be had.

PS. I wish I had seen the legwarmers when I first visited…go get them.