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Don’t panic, I’m still a Cheap B*. (Freebies).

I should be asleep but then again I should be rich and thin and that ain’t happening either!

So I did my most fav thing and old LM hopped until I ended up at the DUK store. I almost TP’d away as it is a men’s wear shop but we too can have male Alts we need to dress esp since Lelutka is also gifting us with excellent male mesh heads. So I went looking and found clothes for women and a rather good men’s gift as well.

You will see 3 gift posters but some contain more than what is shown on the picture so just grab all 3 of them and start unpacking and sorting through some tops, leggings, skirts etc and some do come with really good colour huds.

Just like RL, I did spot a couple of flaws that I will not point out. These gifts are quality gifts and I think the flaws are just small oversights. Since everything is free then you just try stuff on and have fun.

UPDATE: Because I’m now regretting not taking a picture of the oversized/off the shoulder coat. It doesn’t come with the dress as shown in the shop poster but it can be styled over many clothes. Although intended for women it also looks like it would be a stylish male fit but now it’s well past my bedtime I have to log off.

DUK. (Turn right and they’re on the wall next to the black statue.)

4 thoughts on “Don’t panic, I’m still a Cheap B*. (Freebies).”

    1. It’s a Mina hair. I think about 95% of the hairs I get are Mina’s. As soon as I get inworld I’ll add the link.


    2. Me again because thinking about it I should also give you the name as you may struggle to find it. It’s called Audrie, and it’s a two toned hair. You get a really big hud which allows you to change the colours of both sides.


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