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I have an addiction. (Freebie(ss)).

Baskets, that’s just one of my addictions both in RL and SL. This gorgeous one is just one of the many gifts out for us at the Nutmeg shop.

What you click on to get your gifts is not the rezzed example but the lunch bag that you can see in this next picture, which of course makes a great decor item on its own.

I haven’t put a table on top of a table this is how it’s designed to look.

Now for a close up of that tea tray. You wouldn’t get a Groupon for this posh a tea thats for sure.

All of these gifts, the basket, gift boxes, table and tea tray are new to me and they are marked as “Novembers group gifts” but we all know that Nutmeg keeps all of its old gifts out and the area they’re kept in is just getting bigger and bigger with goodies.

BTW I know I don’t say it but these are Nutmeg gifts from the Nutmeg shop but it’s the Reka Update group you join.

PS. I forgot to mention that there are other new gifts AND make sure to check out the ones on top of the trolley bike just a bit more hidden in the back.