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Make it stop! 42 and counting! (Freebiesssss).

I’ll keep this as short as I can you’re going to need all your spare time to unpack the 42+++ gifts in the EWA shop.

I only picked up the gifts on the shelves and didn’t pay much attention to the gifts from other groups or the lucky boards as I just wanted to TP home and start unpacking.

So far only 3 gifts in and I’m impressed! I’m just about to go grab a coffee, put a horror movie on TV to listen to and settle down to a lot of sorting through all the goodies and I may even return for the other gifts.

PS The Black Friday sale is still on AND I don’t think the LM takes you directly to the shop, so just turn and head towards the big Christmas tree.

UPDATE: I’ve had a very nice time unpacking and trying so many things on. I just wanted to add that there is a lot of “classic” design and a real mix of clothing, fits and everything from single outfits to fatpacks and even full outfits. I did recognise a couple that has been previously blogged but on the whole lots of new, to me, stuff.