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$500L for $50L and more to come !

Monomania $500L gift card !

Heads up ! Rock over to Monomania, join the group (its $50L but there are plenty of reasons to join!) turn around from the front desk and you’ll see an advent calendar – just click it and you will receive a gift card for $500L to spend on whatever you wish instore! I bought this luscious set called “Lace me” with mine.

Heres the info: Hello Monomaniacs!!!
This year we have a different advent calendar.
Each week we will give ONE giftcard. So you can spend it at the mainstore, choosing your favourite outfit to get it.
And on Christmas we will give to you and extra:
From my understanding it looks like next week we get another gift card, then the following week another – wow ! Thanks Monomania!