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Drop-in at Snowdrop.(Freebies(?)).

I have played with the editing just a little bit in this picture as this event is very picturesque so much so that if you’re after a lovely backdrop to take some Christmasy snaps you cannot go wrong as even without the OTT editing this is a perfect point and click place to get a great shot.

The only reason I have a question mark in the title is that I have found a gift (gift box outside of the Thor shop) but I’ve not had the time to really look around. So I want to log in later once my RL stuff has been done and dusted so I just enjoy this really lovely shopping event as a lot of time, effort, money and imagination has gone into this really pretty Christmas market square and I suspect the whole sim has also been landscaped for people to use at their leisure.

Snowdrop Sim & Market.