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Credit where credit is due.(Big A**’ed List).

You may miss this as it’s in the comments section of a previous post and it’s definitely a WOW “comment” actually it’s also a spreadsheet.

Basically, Nadjanator has gone and done an eye-watering job listing, not just the shops that are having a Black Friday/Cyber Monday event but they have also given us the LM’s, Flickr and in some cases the MP links for all of them! The work alone that has gone into this is outstanding.

A lot of the shops have a cut off date for the 30th and guess what? Today is the 30th so you may just still have time to log in and grab a discount. Mind you I think a lot of us have spotted that even when an “official date” is over until a seller logs in and resets the prices sometimes discounts and gifts can still be picked up at a late date.

So bit sloppy kiss to Nadjantor as just scanning that comprehensive list I can see a lot of shops I’ve not visited in a long time and a lot of shops I just don’t recognise. So I am going to work my way through the list and yes I/we will have probably missed the sale but I’m all about the freebies so I’m hoping for some interesting finds to do future posts on.

PS. If you’re wondering I didn’t buy a single item of clothing in the Black Friday sale what I did buy was 3 big packs of landforms/cliffs and a set of steps…I’m now poor lol.

PPS. Yes at the bottom of the screen is 3 tabs, “Guide to categories & Abbreviations”, “SALES” & “Acknowledgement” and it’s the sale tab that opens up to the LM’s etc.

PPPS. Yes the link is secure, but if you’re not sure then just wait for future posts.

Nadjanator’s Black Friday Spreadsheet.( spreadsheet).